Game control All menu navigation/movement can be done with either the arrow keys OR WASD if on keyboard, or the Dpad on controller. How To Play PokéRogue!

Pokerogue Game

PokeRogue Game

PokeRogue is a unique Pokémon Rogue-lite game, Unlike traditional Pokemon games, PokéRogue features procedurally generated worlds, meaning the map and encounters change with every playthrough. Battle endlessly while gathering stacking items, exploring many different biomes, and reaching Pokémon stats you never thought possible. Additionally, while it doesn’t have permadeath like some Roguelike, PokeRogue offers a challenging experience that requires careful planning and resource management.

PokéRogue Game Features

PokéRogue is a browser-based Pokémon fan game. Pokerogue’s brilliance lies in its ability to seamlessly blend two seemingly disparate genres.

PokéRogue maintains the turn-based battle mechanics

Turn-Based Battle System

PokéRogue maintains the turn-based battle mechanics that Pokémon fans have come to cherish. Players will encounter untamed Pokémon, capture them to form their own lineups, and engage in tactical battles.

Based on PokéRogue

Based on PokéRogue

Encounter a wide variety of Pokémon in PokéRogue, capture them with the Pokeball, and complete your iconography by adding them to your collection. Start your PokéRogue journey today!

Unlimited Upgrades


Unlimited Upgrades

Discover the infinitely upgradable world of Pokémon in PokéRogue. Discover new evolutions, abilities and battles like never before.

After-Battle Rewards


Shop & After-Battle Rewards

After most battles are completed, you enter the Shop before continuing on in your journey. This gives you a break from battle and lets you buy common Shop items as well as choose one free reward item from random drops.

PokeRogue Guide

PokeRogue full mechanics guide and explanation of gameplay modes, DNA splicing, etc.

PokeRogue Pokédex

The Pokédex section has a wealth of information on all the PokéRogue creatures from the entire game series.